Many senior secondary students find it daunting to decide on their first career given the myriad of options available. Careers counselling can be beneficial for:

  • Building self-awareness through identifying strengths, interests and values

  • Evaluating and prioritising options for study and work that are likely to be satisfying and engaging

  • Introducing resources to conduct useful and relevant careers research

  • Developing tangible career action plans and strategies to move forward with greater confidence

Service Options for Secondary Students

1. Pathway Planning For Secondary Students (2 sessions/4 hrs) $595



Many students lack the self-awareness to make confident post-secondary school choices for further education, training and work. This comprehensive program incorporates a detailed psychometric assessment of interests, verbal and numeric aptitudes and character strengths to provide more insight for the purposes of building confidence and making informed decisions.


The process is in two stages. The first stage provides the foundation of the program whereby the student’s specific needs are established through a comprehensive interview and assessment.


The second stage focusses on report provision and interpretation, and subsequent advice, by the qualified psychologist. This enables self-reflection to establish preferences, skills and unique strengths, as a precursor to then identifying future possibilities and visioning. The benefit of the objective data is to set goals that are more likely to be personally satisfying and meaningful to the student. The outcomes are to devise a list of potential career options, and discuss relevant course and/or training pathways. There is also scope to consider strategies to manage presenting issues that may impact on achieving desired career goals, and how to prepare effectively for further course and job applications. Parents and/or carers are invited to attend the second session to foster a support team for the student.

2. Careers Consultation & Assessment Session (1.5 hr) $300

This 90 minute intensive session is designed for those seeking a starting point to identifying suitable career alternatives. An assessment of interests and character strengths is included to inform on pathways and potential options more likely to achieve satisfaction and engagement in work and education.


This provides a useful basis to enhance the process of confirming current career ideas and introduce options not previously considered. The outcomes are to devise a starting list of career and/or further study options and introduce accessible resources to equip the student to continue his/her pathway planning independently.

3. Careers Counselling Session (1 hr) Initial $175 / Subsequent $160

Counselling/coaching sessions are available to both new and existing clients to provide support and guidance on career and study issues that arise or require planning. Some benefits of careers counselling can be:

· Confirm, review and/or revise progress towards goals set

· Manage disappointments, dilemmas or setbacks

· Identify potential mentors and allies for growth and development

· Cope with change, and stay positive whilst in transition

· Strategically approach course and job applications, and how to secure relevant work experience

· Introduce a range of useful online resources to obtain further careers-related information




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