Careers counselling can be beneficial for planning and developing your career, and to increase the likelihood of achieving life-enhancing outcomes.


It can guide you through the necessary steps to build self-awareness, identify your current strengths and transferable skills, provide advice to enhance your options and introduce resources to work towards desirable outcomes.

Service Options For Adults:

1. Career Transition & Engagement (3 sessions/5 hrs) $750

This comprehensive program incorporates a detailed psychometric assessment of interests, personality traits and values to assist individuals towards living purposeful and meaningful lives. The client’s specific needs are established through an initial interview and assessment.


The next stage focuses on report provision and interpretation by the qualified psychologist. This enables an opportunity for self-reflection to recognise transferable skills and unique strengths, as a precursor to identifying future possibilities and visioning.


The final stage employs a holistic approach to career/life action planning, paying attention to the values of the client. Factors considered include how to maintain work/life balance, and strategies to overcome impediments to achieving desired career goals.


Each stage will require a commitment from the client between sessions in order to achieve maximum benefits from the program.

2. Careers Consultation & Assessment Session (1.5 hr) $300

An assessment of interests and character strengths is included in this session to inform on pathways and potential career options more likely to achieve job satisfaction and engagement in work.


This intensive session provides a basis to confirm current career ideas and introduce options not previously considered. It is the starting point to identify a range of viable career/training options for further exploration, and introduce accessible resources for further pathway planning.


3. Careers Counselling Session (1 hr) $175 Initial / Subsequent $160


Ongoing counselling/coaching is available to both new and existing clients to explore or work through a range of individual issues. Some benefits of careers counselling can be to:

  • Review and revise progress towards goals set

  • Generate beneficial actions, and capitalise on them

  • Manage career dilemmas or setbacks

  • Identify potential mentors and allies for growth and development

  • Consider strategies to raise your career profile and promote yourself effectively, including creating a powerful online presence

  • Cope with change, and stay positive whilst in career transition

  • Optimise your professional relationships and build networks

  • Manage the job search, application and selection process

  • Work through presenting or potential life challenges and choices

  • Assist you with strategies to negotiate what you want

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